Latin America positions itself  
as a leading region in  clinical trials

In his most recent publication: "The Opportunities For Conducting Vaccine Clinical Research In Latin America," Julio G. Martinez-Clark, CEO of Bioaccess, mentions that since 2020, the increase in clinical research has been notorious in this region. The main reason was the world's need for solutions to COVID-19. Sponsors' interest in Latin America increased due to its strategic geographic location and  the characteristics of the patients, which are currently more similar  to other regions of the world.

Updated on June 14, 2023

News  >    Latin America positions itself as a leading region in clinical trials

VaxTRIALS has understood the importance of Latin America and, in its efforts to continue contributing to the eradication of preventable diseases in the world, has a presence in over 20 countries in the region which are attractive to sponsors when choosing a partner CRO enabling diversity in the studies' samples. This has allowed Vax to have contributed to the licensing of more than 6 vaccines.

Subjects' participation has also been a relevant indicator of the interest of pharmaceutical companies in CROs in the region. In this sense, in the last 10 years, VaxTRIALS has recruited more than 38,000 subjects, which have permitted the positive results we are currently experiencing in clinical studies.

Vax, hand in hand with its strategic allies, will continue to work and strengthen its innovation in the near future so that the region continues to be fundamental in the development of clinical research, benefiting health in the world.

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