VaxTRIALS is a boutique clinical research organization (CRO) that provides innovative solutions in managing and monitoring vaccine clinical trial activities across Latin America. We use the highest quality standards to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations.

VaxTRIALS is a regional leader with an active presence in more than 10 Latin-American countries, and a deep local regulatory knowledge. It is this, along with our vast network of experienced investigational sites, which allows us to ensure a fast enrollment and a high level of adherence with great quality standards. 








Since its establishment in 2012, VaxTRIALS has been involved in more than 35 vaccine-related clinical, epidemiological and health economics trials throughout the Latin-American region, helping clients, sponsors, and vendors achieve extraordinary results through implementing their studies. Since then, we have had the opportunity to take part in different clinical trials for the prevention of diseases like Dengue, Herpes Zoster, Meningococcus, Pneumococcus, RSV, Flu, Norovirus and Polio, in different countries in Latin America, such as Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile.

In total, through a vast network of highly skilled, trained and leading investigators across the region, VaxTRIALS has contributed to the recruitment of more than 25,000 subjects and 180,000 study visits. With our solutions, we optimize clinical vaccine trial timeframes by promoting faster patient enrollment and higher adherence.


As a key player in Latin America, we have long-lasting partnerships with local and regional/global partners and vendors including, but not limited to, IT solutions, Pharmacovigilance Service Companies, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Data Management, Translation Services, Medical Writing, Import & Export, Supplies, Handling, Storage and Shipment of Investigational Product.


Great value for everyone involved, through strong relationships and engaged vendors, investigators and site networks. 

Our previous and current sponsor and partners include NGOs, foundations, big & small pharma and biotech, and manufacturers. 



Vaccine manufacturer



      Our team is composed of motivated professionals with educational background in life sciences, bilingual, many of them with ample experience in vaccine research and/or the pharmaceutical industry.

      José Jimeno, CEO  

      Medical Doctor, MBA, PMP certified. Founder of VaxTRIALS. More than 15 years of experience in different positions, including Site, CRO and Sponsor roles in the vaccine clinical trials industry in Latin America; with more than 70,000 subjects managed in Vaccine Clinical Trials.

      Tom Herremans, COO  

      Master of Science, MBA, PMP certified. More than 17 years of experience in the vaccine industry (mainly GlaxoSmithKline) in global and local positions. He has led small and large teams and defined the asset's mission, vision, and strategic objectives for different clinical vaccine development and commercialization projects & programs.

      David Puyana, CFO  

      Master in Management, Master in Business Administration, Master in Corporate Finance. Before joining the firm, he worked for more than 6 years as General Manager of a major retail company in Panama, and was a board member in several other companies in different industries in Colombia. He previously worked for 5 years as Procurement Manager, and 6 years as Financial Manager, in two large multinational companies in the region.

      Paula Casasco,

      Head Quality & Training  

      Molecular Biologist with an MBA and a fellowship at NIDR, NIH. She is a Registered Quality Consultant professional in GCP (RQAP-GCP) with more than 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices industries, including extensive experience in multi-center regional project management, and GCP training and auditing of Phase I–IV clinical studies.

      Héctor González,

      Head Strategic Planning & Process Improvement  

      Chemical Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt certified. More than 13 years of experience leading local and global vaccine clinical trials from the pharmaceutical industry end, as well as small and large CROs.

      Cristina Gómez, CHRO  

      Master in strategic Thinking and Psychologist. More than 13 years of experience in Human Resources in Pharma Industry in local and regional positions across Latin America. Before Vax, she worked for more than 3 years in Sanofi for Colombia, Perú, Panamá and Central America as Human Resources Business Partner. Cristina has led different HR projects Related to Change Management, Culture Transformation, Talent Management and Strategic Worforce Planning.


      Santiago Gradin,

      Corporate Relations


      Master in Business Administration. Before joining the firm, he worked for more than 9 years as commercial director of a major regional company in Panama. Over 20 years`experience as a sales and marketing professional within multinational companies. Extensive experience throughout customers in Latin America & Caribbean Region.


      VaxTRIALS has a team of highly experienced and locally based Program Leads, Project Managers, Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Trial Assistants and Regulatory specialists with project and risk management embedded in their ways of working.


      This team leads a group of Project Manager, CRAs and CTAS.


      Molecular Biologist, MBA and over 20 years of vaccine clinical trials experience. Federico has worked in the pharmaceutical industry as Regional Clinical Operations Director ensuring the proper conduct of all vaccine Phase I-IV clinical trials and epidemiological studies in all therapeutic areas in Latin America. 
      Psychologist with over 17 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical operation roles across multiple therapeutic areas including vaccines, oncology, neuroscience, cardiology, urology, anti‐infectives, CNS, rheumatology, pediatrics and rare diseases. Experience in managing different sized teams, both within country-specific and multicultural teams.    


      Microbiologist, Epidemiologist, Public Health Management Specialist. Over 20 years of experience in clinical research in vaccines and all therapeutic areas; 10 years of experience in medical writing. She has lead teams in Latin America in clinical research projects for all therapeutic areas as a sponsor, and as a CRO associate.


      Master’s in biology. More than 20 years of experience in clinical trials and Quality in the pharmaceutical industry.  In Clinical Research, she has high experience in the implementation and execution of monitoring according with local and international standards (GCP / ICH). She also has strong skills in different areas including vaccines. She has had experience in the implementation of the Quality Management System and maintenance of the oversight in GxP areas.


      BSc., Health Audit Specialist certified. More than 12 years in SSU and Regulatory experience in CROs with pharma studies. Leads local and regional regulatory teams; review process in the department to be aligned with local regulations and to maintain the quality in each step of the process. Experience in contract/Budget negotiations with local and regional sites.