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We are looking for professionals who want to be part of a dynamic company, with a friendly and welcoming workplace culture: professionals with an innovative mindset, the flexibility to easily adapt to changes, who are dynamic, purposeful, passionate, and committed to our mission. We want leaders, individuals of integrity, who are willing to deliver excellent, high-quality results.


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We are looking for the best Clinical Trials PM Line Manager!

This Manager will lead the Projects Manager's within the operations department.

We are looking for an excellent People Manager who will be responsible for the selection, onboarding, training, evaluation, and day-to-day management of a team of Project Managers (PMs).


  • Bachelor's  degree up to the last two years in (life) sciences

  • Must have +3 years of experience  as a Project Manager

  • 2+ years of experience  as a Line Manager

  • Language(s): Must have excellent communication skills in Spanish and English (advanced- required)


The responsibilities will be oriented to:  
  • Manage resource demand versus supply, through strategic allocation to different studies and programs

  • Selection, onboarding, training, evaluation, day-to-day line management, development of a team of Projects Manager's

  • Evaluate Projects Manager's performance and quality of work, as well as current vs. expected capabilities

  • Define formal, relational, and on-the-job training and development opportunities

  • Perform regular line management tasks/manage staff in the daily performance of their jobs

If you are interested and you think you fit the profile, this is your opportunity! 

¡Estamos buscando al mejor Clinical Trials PM Line Manager !  

Este Gerente(a), liderará a los Project Manager dentro del departamento de operaciones.


Buscamos un excelente People Manager que sea responsable de la selección, incorporación, formación, evaluación, gestión diaria de un equipo de gestores de proyectos (PMs).


  • Licenciatura o Máster, preferiblemente en ciencias de la salud

  • Debe tener +3 años de experiencia como Project Manager

  • Más de 2 años liderando equipos

  • Excelentes habilidades de comunicación en español e inglés (avanzado- requerido)

Las responsabilidades estarán orientadas a:  
  • Gestionar la demanda de recursos frente a la oferta, mediante la asignación estratégica a diferentes estudios y programas

  • Selección, incorporación, formación, evaluación, gestión diaria de la línea, desarrollo de un equipo de Projects Manager’s

  • Evaluar el rendimiento y la calidad del trabajo de los Projects Manager’s, así como las capacidades actuales frente a las esperadas

  • Definir las oportunidades de formación y desarrollo formal, relacional y en el puesto de trabajo

  • Realizar tareas regulares de gestión de línea/gestionar al personal en el desempeño diario de sus trabajos
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