Ten years of contributing to health around the world,
VaxTRIALS celebrates its anniversary

For five days, VaxTRIALS employees experienced the second edition of the 2022 Convention "Learning & Growing TOGETHER", which took place in Panama City. The meeting provided spaces for nearly 200 professionals of the company to strengthen the purpose they pursue daily in their roles


Updated on June 14, 2023

News  >   Ten years of contributing to health around the world, VaxTRIALS celebrates its anniversary


The team’s effort during this last year has been instrumental to grow and achieve the strategic goals that we have set as an organization, said Jose Jimeno, CEO of VaxTRIALS. The participation of Panamanian, Colombian, Salvadoran, Honduran, Argentinean and Brazilian professionals, among others, demonstrates the importance of having a multicultural group that shares knowledge, adapts to new conditions and is trained to continue contributing and accelerating the results that the research industry needs to face the challenges that the global health sector faces.

During the convention, which took place from September 12 to 16, innovative techniques in the industry were presented, as well as the guidelines that will lead the organization to enhance its purpose and make a positive contribution to humanity.

The team was also able to put into practice one of the pillars of the social responsibility program. The “Sexto Sentido” (sixth sense) activity was held at the CD Amador Sports Club, where employees shared with a group of children from the Fair Play Sports Club, with the purpose of encouraging them to believe that the realization of their dreams is possible with effort and dedication.

The convention was also the place to commemorate VaxTRIALS’ tenth anniversary, and what better way to celebrate a decade of achievements, challenges and learning than to bring together the entire team that has made this great dream possible, a team now transforming to grow and be at the forefront of innovation at all levels to impact not only the present but the future for the welfare of human

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