VaxTRIALS receives important recognition from mi Ambiente 
for its effort in reducing its carbon footprint

The Ministry of Environment (MiAMBIENTE) recognized VaxTRIALS as one of "The 50 first" companies in the country that stands out for its leadership and voluntary commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Updated on June 14, 2023

News  >    VaxTRIALS receives important recognition from mi Ambiente for its effort in reducing its carbon footprint

Carbon neutrality, or zero carbon footprint, means removing the same amount of CO2 that a company releases. By having a zero balance of greenhouse gas emissions, we can effectively contribute to reducing the effects of climate change as individuals or companies. To achieve this recognition -which measures the company's actions in 2021- VaxTRIALS fully accomplished the requirements of the Declaration "The 50 First Carbon-Neutral Organizations." Some of these actions include the development of an annual Carbon Footprint GHG Inventory and an action plan toward carbon neutrality by 2050.

For VaxTRIALS, being part of this state and voluntary program demonstrates our commitment to the environment, society, and the daily contribution to our fight against climate change.

What are the benefits of this recognition? In addition to demonstrating our operational awareness:

  • It allows us to register our scope in the national commitment to The Paris Agreement 

  • It facilitates the correction of processes that involve the emission of greenhouse gasses 

  • Improves efficiency in operations 

  • Reduces costs


The distinction we have received, "VERDE DE VERDAD SEAL" in the Forest Category, is a recognition of our actions in mitigating climate change. Thanks to our commitment and focus on sustainability, today, we are a company that stands out for positively impacting society and the environment.

Conscious of the need to continue working in this same way, we commit our drive and responsibility to provide a significant contribution with actions that respect our environment, country and organization.

Up to date, the contributions for receiving the "MiAmbiente" distinction have been:  

  • Controlled and decreased energy consumption

  • Use of low energy consumption appliances

  • Proper waste management

  • Projects' implementation for 2025-2030, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint, recycling and saving energy consumption

We thank the entire VaxTRIALS family for the part they play and their commitment to good practices. Together we make it possible!   

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