Our  services

As a key player in the region, VaxTrials is at the forefront of vaccines clinical trials with innovative solutions and a high level of quality.
Comprehensive Management
of Vaccines Clinical Trials

We guide our clients through the main challenges of running clinical trials in Latin America: from planning and designing appropriate regulatory strategies, to providing data insights   for optimizing study performance. Our innovative solutions will lead to the best possible   trial outcome.

External Project Support
to Investigational Sites (EPS)

We provide support to clinical investigator sites in their development, as well as decision-making processes to improve their infrastructure and procedures. This enables them to carry out studies with a high volume of subjects and outstanding quality. 

VaxTrials is a Regional Leader in Vaccine Research
Through our regional presence and local knowledge, we are a key partner in ensuring outstanding outcomes in vaccines clinical trials in LATAM.  

VaxTrials provides guidance in management and operations from start to finish: this includes clinical trial design, protocol development, site identification, patient recruitment strategies, clinical monitoring, clinical study reporting, and publication. Using our enrollment forecasting solutions, and patient-centered approach, our clients reach study milestones faster whilst ensuring high quality standards.

Latin America

Reason Why Latam

Latin America has become one of the top emerging regions for clinical trials due to its diverse and large patient population, as well as its highly qualified professionals for conducting clinical research.
VaxTrials provides turnkey vaccines trial services in Latin America: from identifying and selecting the most appropriate trial sites with a representative patient population, to choosing to work with the right partners, and then ensuring our clients are up to speed with local regulatory and clinical requirements. 
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Our impact in numbers

By harnessing our local knowledge and experience in Latin America, we improve the quality of vaccine clinical research


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Completed visits
Contributed to 5 vaccine licensures (Covid-19, Herpes Zoster, Polio, Meningitis, Dengue)
Running studies in 10 Latin-American countries.

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