Comprehensive management of vaccines trials

VaxTRIALS provides services in project management and tracking through:

Project Feasibility Assessment
 Site Identification               and Selection

 Project Management
Site Management and Monitoring

 Protocol and                 Report Writing

Data Management

Clinical Supplies Management

Sample Management

Quality Control and Assurance

Ethical and Regulatory Submissions
Pharmacovigilance, Safety and  Medical Monitoring
Statistical Analysis

External Project Support to Investigational Sites

Strategic Planning

Consulting Services

Regional Knowledge
Vaccine Expertise

Innovative Solutions
Our management structure allows strong responsiveness through Program Leads with extensive experience to support and closely monitor the assigned Project Managers.
We make it possible thanks to:


VaxTRIALS focuses on the development of local monitoring teams in order to offer our investigator sites and sponsors the best experience; it also reduces travelling expenses associated with the extensive follow-up needed in all vaccine studies. We have a team with an extensive background in vaccine monitoring, and training is one of the pillars of the company.

Innovative IT solutions

VaxTRIALS is focused on the constant optimization of processes and their integration with robust and validated systems that comply with industry standards and improve the experience of our team, clients and third parties.

External project support

to investigational sites (EPS)

VaxTRIALS provides support to clinical investigator sites in their development and decision-making processes to improve their infrastructure and procedures, in order to carry out studies with a high volume of subjects and outstanding quality. Our External Project Support service harnesses all the knowledge from the development of different vaccines, creating value from improved processes and procedures, to infrastructure planning, staff training and support.

We have strategic alliances with developers of technological platforms that allow us to capture and manage data generated by study participants, as well as managing study bases, and the research product.

VaxTRIALS provides innovative solutions for patient follow-up and site communication.

In alliance with our IT partner we offer the following solutions:

  • Validated database and Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF)

  • Real-time reporting and management

  • Patient follow up in real-time

  • Weekly report with dynamics queries